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The Primer distribution

Customizable at will and perfectly fitted to your needs


We develop the Primer distribution. It is a big enabler for our Open Source engagement.

Find a list below of the modules that we maintain and/or develop and that are included in every instance of Primer.


Modules with contributions


Completed Patches


Pending Patches


Funded Milestones

While working on Primer, we identified many missing pieces in the Drupal ecosystem and released them as Open Source.

  • Paragraphs
  • Paragraphs Collection
  • Diff
  • Entity Usage
  • Moderation Sidebar
  • Entity Browser
  • Focal Point
  • Media Entity Audio
  • Dropzone JS
  • Media Entity Download
  • TMGMT Deepl
  • TMGMT Google
  • Mailchimp
  • Webform Mailchimp
  • Captcha
  • Search API Solr
  • Block Field
  • Search API
  • BS Base
  • Entity Reference Revisions
  • Monitoring
  • Redis
  • Replicate
  • Views Custom Cache Tag
  • Default Content
  • Pathauto
  • Menu Trail by Path
  • Redirect

Additionally, we are contributing to a large list of Open Source modules that we use.

This approach helps us to keep the product complexity and thus maintenance work lower in the long term.

July 2021

TMGMT improvements


Add to cart for re-translation, moderation state, dealing with character limits, enabling of notifications for received translations.

May 2021



Fixed a bug that resulted in losing referenced entities when using the Inline Entity Form field widget with a Entity Reference Revision field on moderated, translatable content.

November 2020

TMGMT improvements


Translatable references, asynchronous translation, content moderation, proof-of-concept to translate translation

December 2019

Modernize the path alias system

April 2019

Editing performance, add above, edit all, drag & drop