The NP8 distribution

A distribution tailor-made for media companies


We developed and maintain the NP8 distribution, which is used by many Swiss newspapers.

The distribution depends and is constantly improved through the development of many of the modules that we develop.

  • Entity browser
  • Dropzone JS
  • Captcha
  • Search API Solr
  • Search API
  • Entity Reference Revision
  • Monitoring
  • Redis
  • Views Custom Cache Tag
  • Default Content
  • Pathauto
  • Redirect
May 2021



Fixed a bug that resulted in losing referenced entities when using the Inline Entity Form field widget with a Entity Reference Revision field on moderated, translatable content.

October 2019

Drupal 9 compatibility


Internal contribution. A lot of continuous work over ~5 years

April 2019

Editing performance, add above, edit all, drag & drop

December 2018

Feature: Clean up old revisions

October 2018 Donations - simple and flexible


Paragraphs: UX Improvements: Add Dialog, Replicate, Add above, Convert

Findock: Module release