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Translation management

Facilitate the translation process

The Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) module provides a tool set for translating content from different sources. The translation can be done by people or translation services of all kinds. It builds on and uses existing language tools and data structures in Drupal and can be used in automated workflow scenarios.

This module facilitates the translation process: it provides a controlled process through which a translation job can run its translation items. There can be multiple sources of text for translation, that can be run through translators of your choice: human or machine.

Several sources and translation services are available. Additional sources and translators can be added through a pluggable architecture.

Review interface

View of both languages to ensure that the translation is up-to-date


All Drupal text elements can be translated: text, titles, but also image alt-titles and metatags

Continuous translation

New content can automatically be added to the jobs list

Supports all translation providers

Some translation providers can be coupled to the basic module, many providers can be coupled through an additional module

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We offer Service Level Agreements to SaaS vendors to consult their clients. We also provide direct support for architectural consulting, problem identification and resolution.


Funded Milestones


3rd party integrations


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Years maintenance

We developped and officially maintain these modules for global translation service providers.


Xillio provides technology and services to help organizations get the best value out of their content and make their content thrive in a lean, agile and multilingual content landscape.

We developped these modules to enable service service providers without own API custom APIs


Automatically fetch machine translation provided by Microsoft.

They help us providing open source services for these modules

March 2016

Basic integration


Update thebigword about translation changes during Drupal review, Allow translations updatees after a customer accepted items, Preview rendering

January 2016

Module development

August 2013

Module ported to Drupal 8

August 2013

Module ported to Drupal 8

July 2013

Module ported to Drupal 8

Drupal Translation Management heavily integrates into Drupal Content Authoring and Drupal Media Management.