Focus on content, forget the technical details

Content authoring

Content is at the center of your website. It should be the focus of your time, instead of side questions such as "how can I make sure that all new articles end up on the News page", "this image works better on the left of this text but how on Earth can I move it from right to left?", or "articles usually have only one image, but for this one I really would like to add these 2. Well I guess I have to decide which one to drop".

We develop open source solutions to help you write content as free as possible from these technicalities. To this end, we develop and maintain many smaller Drupal modules, but our main project is the Paragraphs module, thanks to which you can write content without being contained but a predefined set of allowed fields.


They help us to develop new helpful modules for you

Juni 2018

Fixing issue for the Paragraphs - Content Moderation - Workflows

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April 2018

Bring Library to paragraphs, UX improvements, new Paragraphs UI, Content moderation

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